Create a Fun Summer for Your Kids in East Norriton, PA, and Beyond With These Intentionally Easy Ideas

Parents are innovators of happiness, organizers of health, engineers of memories, and planners of… well, pretty much everything. So setting up activities that will engage and entertain your school-aged children over summer break just comes with the territory of being a parent.

But creating a fun summer for your kids shouldn’t break the bank or your resolve. If coming up with summer plans is stressing you out, you might need to take a break and try some new ideas.

Let these 11 surprisingly simple suggestions be a blueprint for restoring balance and designing fun in your family this summer.

1. Raise your lemonade stand-ards.

If you’ve never helped your children make a lemonade stand, you must be a genius mastermind.

For those parents who have sliced lemons, stocked coolers, and schlepped sloshing pitchers of lemonade… we salute you. (We also understand that after two trips to the store you somehow spent $78 and the kids only made $11.52.)

There can be some work involved with a lemonade stand, but while parents may end up with a not-quite-as-rosy experience as their kiddos, they’ve successfully participated in a time-honored tradition and made a lasting memory along the way.

2. Learn healthy habits.

Creating positive memories with your kids shouldn’t be stressful. Did you know that your teeth can tell you if you’re stressed out? Teach your kids about healthy habits this summer break by reading books together that focus on hygiene, nutrition, and other important topics.

3. Participate in Community Helpers Appreciation Day/Week.

From coloring and decorating to tracing and writing, this introduction to the lost art of handwritten thank you notes is an appropriate activity for all ages. Celebrate Community Helpers Day with an art project. It’s a great way to enhance kids’ awareness of safety and citizenship this summer.

4. Visit the splash park.

This kid-approved outing doesn’t have to be an all-day affair, but it has the potential to turn into one. A great trick is not to pack water-soluble snacks. Squishy cookies and soggy chips are unappealing (not to mention unhealthy.)

Opting for fresh grapes, carrots, apples, and lots of water is healthier for everyone’s teeth and tummies. They’re also much easier items for those slippery, water-wrinkled fingers to hold on to. If you need more suggestions for teeth-healthy snacks, check with your local dental office in East Norriton, PA.

5. Join a library reading club.

A trip to your local library is an easy, free way to explore your kids’ interests. Many libraries also offer summer reading programs. You can easily add this no-prep idea based on the day or your kids’ moods.

6. Make giant bubbles.

Classic blue dish soap and glycerin (an easy snag from a craft store or Amazon) are the magic ingredients for this crowd-pleaser. Tie yarn in circles and thread on some plastic drinking straws for dunkable wands. This takes a little planning and supervision, but be sure to make extra because your kids will ask for this activity over and over!

7. Go on an outdoor alphabet scavenger hunt.

This fresh take on the scavenger hunt takes no prep and requires minimal hand-holding. Instead of looking for items that start with A-Z, the idea is to find each actual letter of the alphabet. This 26-letter hunt will stretch your kids’ imaginations and challenge how they look at everything.

8. Make a bored board.

This is a parenting goldmine. It’s as simple as laminating a checklist or putting a permanent marker on a dry erase board. The rule is that no one is allowed to complain that they’re bored until they’ve done everything on their Bored Board. Customize options as you need, but some popular choices might include:

  • Helping a family member
  • Reading a book/chapter
  • Doing a chore
  • Coloring a picture
  • Building something
  • Cleaning a room

This idea should quickly become a no-prep go-to tool you can use every day!

9. Try an ice dig.

Put whatever pint-sized trinkets or small plastic toys you have lying around in a deep plastic bowl filled with water. Place the bowl in the freezer before you go to bed. The following day, your kids can stay cool and practice becoming archeologists, first responders, scientists, dentists, and geologists by chipping away at the ice.

10. Enroll in classes or camps.

Summer break is the perfect time for trying new things and making new friends. Register your children for local summer programs like sports lessons or summer camps – this is a great way to add extra fun and extra structure to summer schedules.

11. Take an outing to a place designed for the family.

If you’re looking for whole-family fun, spend the day at a special location that has something for everyone. Day trips can require extra time, money, and planning, but they’re a great way to escape the monotony of languid summer days.

Try a day trip with one of these family-oriented, kid-approved activities:

  • Kids’ science center
  • Aquarium
  • Zoo
  • Hiking trail

No matter where your family spends time this summer break, don’t forget to pack the water bottles, sunscreen, and healthy snacks!

Redesign your idea of fun this summer break.

A healthy blend of new discoveries and self-discovery could be just what your family needs this summer. Whether everyone needs a little bonding time, quiet time, or family time, there’s an idea here to bring balance to your summer break.