Gaining a healthy, naturally beautiful smile with veneers.

Hollywood is full of talented, beautiful people with charismatic smiles. Their smiles are so beautiful that it’d be easy to assume that they haven’t had to put any effort into them. The truth is, however, that many top celebrities have had dental work to straighten their teeth, address dental injuries or issues, or improve their smile’s overall appearance to gain that famous “Hollywood smile.” Dental veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments in Hollywood, but you’d never know which celebrities have them and who doesn’t just by looking at them, right?

It’s a testament to just how customizable and naturally beautiful veneers are. One or two veneers can blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth, while an entire set can transform your whole smile and complement your facial features to brighten your appearance. They even have the potential to help repair or protect your natural teeth. If you’re looking to see the huge impact that veneers can have on your smile’s appearance and health or would simply like to see just how natural they can look, you don’t have to search any further than Hollywood! Here are 10 celebrities who’ve used veneers to improve their smiles.

1. Demi Moore

Demi Moore, who is known for many famous movies like “Ghost” and “A Few Good Men,” has always been incredibly talented. Over time, however, her teeth began to suffer from staining and stress. Moore replaced her front teeth with partial dentures and used veneers to restore the rest of her teeth, lengthening and whitening her teeth to reclaim her naturally gorgeous smile.

2. Niall Horan

Since his time on “The X-Factor,” Niall Horan has changed a lot. The famous singer became a member of One Direction, then began making his own way in the music world as a solo singer-songwriter. It’s not just his career that’s changed, though—his smile has, too! When Horan first debuted, his teeth were crooked and discolored, but he has since undergone orthodontic treatment and received veneers to give them a whiter, more even appearance.

3. Jordyn Woods

During her time as a model and reality TV star, one of Jordyn Woods’ defining features has been the gap between her two front teeth. Woods actually stated that she loved the gap in her smile and refused to change it to meet others’ expectations, but she eventually decided that she wanted a change for herself. She used veneers to cover the gap without affecting the other unique aspects of her smile, ensuring that she received the changes she wanted while her smile stayed as beautiful as it’s always been.

4. James Arthur

When James Arthur began his career on “The X-Factor,” his teeth were crooked and overlapped each other considerably. His talent stole the show, though, and the singer won the competition. Afterward, he took steps to transform his smile, straightening his teeth with braces before using veneers to give them an even appearance. The result is a smile that complements his best features, allowing his smile to light up his entire face.

5. Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown’s incredible talent and hard work ensured that the young actress rocketed to fame after her starring role in “Stranger Things.” Since she was only 12 when she landed that role, however, she’s changed a lot in the last five years! One of the more visible changes is her smile, which was a little uneven and had prominent, sharp canines. With the help of veneers, she was able to even out her smile and soften the appearance of her canines—without abandoning the unique aspects of her smile. You can see hints of her uniquely shaped teeth in her veneers, giving her a smile that is as natural and unique as it is beautiful.

6. Morgan Freeman

One of America’s most beloved actors, Morgan Freeman almost needs no introduction. He’s starred in a host of amazing movies, from “Glory” and “Shawshank Redemption” to “Driving Miss Daisy.” Freeman’s acting career hasn’t slowed down as he’s aged, but his teeth did begin to show wear and tear. They’d always been a little crooked and uneven, but they yellowed considerably as he aged. Eventually, Freeman got veneers to brighten and refresh his teeth, allowing his smile to be as smooth as his voice!

7. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has starred in a host of modern classics, from her childhood role in “The Parent Trap” to “Mean Girls.” As she grew up, though, Lohan’s naturally beautiful smile began to suffer from her struggle with addiction. A smile makeover, which is when several cosmetic dentistry procedures are used to transform the appearance of your teeth, helped her reclaim her smile’s health and beauty. Veneers were likely a large part of Lohan’s smile makeover, restoring the beautiful shape and shade of her natural teeth while helping to protect them from future damage.

8. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is famous for his leading roles in movies like “National Treasure” as well as for his eccentricity and the 100% he gives to his roles. While he has a Hollywood smile now, his eccentricity and all-or-nothing attitude were both reflected in his smile. They even directly impacted its appearance, as Cage willingly had two teeth pulled for his role in the 1984 film “Birdy.” Before his career really took off, however, Cage had dental work like veneers done to whiten his stained teeth, give them a more even appearance, and fill the gaps left by his missing teeth. The result is the white, even smile we know so well today!

9. Hilary Duff

Even though she got her start as a young actress on the Disney Channel, Hilary Duff’s smile didn’t change a lot as she aged. Like other teenagers, she got braces to straighten her teeth, but otherwise her smile looked amazing! During a live performance in 2009, however, the star chipped her tooth on a microphone. Duff opted to receive a set of veneers to restore the damaged tooth and to protect and revitalize her other teeth. Her veneers didn’t change much about the overall appearance of her smile, though, maintaining the shape of her natural teeth. As a result, the veneers whitened and protected Duff’s teeth but maintained her unique, naturally beautiful smile.

10. Tom Cruise

Although Tom Cruise was named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine in 1990, the handsome star hasn’t always had such a charismatic smile. When he was younger, his teeth were stained, crooked, and uneven. Cruise underwent orthodontic treatments to straighten and even out his teeth, then used veneers to give them a whiter and more uniform appearance. His smile still maintains many of its best features, helping it look that much more unique and natural.

Hollywood stars rely on veneers to protect and restore their teeth, refreshing their charismatic smiles. Veneers can accomplish the same for your teeth, restoring or transforming your smile so naturally that no one will know you have veneers—just like you can’t tell which celebrities have them. If you’d like to learn more about veneers and how they could help you, feel free to call our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Cooley Bentz at any time.